Class of 1977 GotBACK 3.5
May 23, 2012
4 years, 10 months and 1 Day since
our Reunion.
To order a print copy ($30), please surf over to
To order a print copy ($30), please surf over to
Dear GetBack 3.5 Revelers,

Anchors Weighed!  And what a Thriller (Michael Jackson Style) was had by 388 classmates and 230 guests who joined us in Cambridge... the memories (and my melancholy!)


which would not have been made possible without the tireless efforts of our Reunion Committee, Co-Chairs-  Betsy and Diana- and HAA College and Reunion operatives (thank you Michele and Gretchen) and 35th Reunion Student leaders (Andrew, Collin and Frances).

Please stay tuned to this station for the following:

1)      GetBack 3.5 “Photo Gallery: Thanks to our very own indefatigable and stealth-like paparazzi - Richard Black – Dr. B. was able to chronicle all the GetBack 3.5 action.  Please check out our PHOTO GALLERY at LEFT. 

Longitudinal Study:  GetBack 3.5 HR Hats off to Wilmot and Allison and Jason for a rousing update on the demographics and opinions of our Class.  This body of knowledge and its curation are truly well…umm… titillating!  Click HERE for a copy of Jason's slideshow of the 3.5 results.

3)      GetBack 3.5+:  To keep the GetBack flame stoked, please stay tuned to this station and that of our PRIVATE Facebook Group at:  And by all means, please continue to share your news and and PHOTOS and comments and GetBack 3.5+ reflections. Also, please reach out to 4-5 classmates and share the buzz!.

4)      GetBack 4.0:  By the power vested in me, I invite ALL significant others of the Class of ’77 to join our Facebook Group(s).  Your demonstrated love and contributions to our GetBack 3.5 celebration are remarkable.  If you have a significant other that falls into this brand new category, please give them a hug for me – NOW.

Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy Holiday Season and Happy 2013.  Many thanks for taking the considerable time and energy and resources to experience GetBack 3.5.

Best always,

Alex Tilt

Co-Class Secretary – Webmaster – Social Media Director – HAA Appointed Director  ,

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